icy lighthouse

Woods Hole Welcomes White Winter on Cape Cod

On Friday, we woke to a rare phenomena, snow in Woods Hole. In our third winter of pandemic, the blanket of white brought a welcome respite to covid news.  With low winds and even lower temperatures, the muffled whiteness everywhere was a delight to the senses.  Please enjoy our photo essay of snow in Woods Hole, January 7th, 2022.

icy beach

Grey on grey in the dim stormy light with snow coverage of about seven inches.

winter beach

Visibility was reduced in the early morning, but the gulls kept circling.

winter beach

A whole new meaning to our “white sand” beaches.

winter scene

Cape Cod’s seagulls hovered at the shore line for breakfast as usual. 

winter roads

Local plows worked hard all morning to clear icy roads.  

snowy scene

In the diffused fog, gray seaside cottages seem to melt into the sea itself.

snowy lighthouse

Local photographers were thrilled to capture Nobska Light’s wonderland beauty in snow.

Blue skies peeked through by late afternoon, just in time for an epic snowday sunset

Snow fills a collection of dinghies on Eel Pond, dreaming of summer days to come.

dog walking in winter

An evening stroll with the dogs set to the Cape light at the end of our snowday.

As the sun set on the horizon, all remained peaceful and calm from snowy Woods Hole.

Rachel Carson sits by the waterfront contemplating her love of science and Woods Hole in any weather.  We look forward to your visit to the Woods Hole Inn soon. Click HERE to read more about things to do in Woods Hole this Winter!