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Welcome to the Woods Hole Inn

Welcoming Travelers Since 1887

At the very center of Woods Hole, a storied village playing a lead role in Cape Cod’s colorful history since the 1600s, stands the newly renovated Woods Hole Inn. This Cape Cod inn was first erected in 1887, as the area moved beyond its roots as a whaling village and merchant industrial hub, and embraced its future as a cradle of marine science and a summer playground.

Originally built with 30 rooms, the four-story gabled building was known early on as the Avery House, commanding waterside views of Great Harbor, crowded with merchant sailing ships, as well as the bustling train terminus next door. Today, Great Harbor teems with sleek modern research vessels, colorful houseboats, oceangoing commercial fishing boats, summertime sailboat regattas, and busy Martha’s Vineyard ferry traffic, departing from the same spot where the trains used to whistle in.


Updated Accommodations

The inn’s 14 rooms have all been updated, creating vibrant, welcoming spaces. New bathrooms and graciously proportioned rooms were most recently added upstairs, with private decks looking over Great Harbor, the Eel Pond, and the Martha’s Vineyard ferry landing. With vintage restored hardwood floors, refinished cast iron tubs and pedestal sinks, the best of the old was combined with the best of the new: gleaming glass rain showers, marble subway tiles, original artwork and modern decor.

Inspired by the Sea

Your hosts at the Woods Hole Inn hope you will choose to visit this singular place for the same reasons we chose to live here: its unique combination of blessings for the head, heart and soul. Cape Cod has been luring lovers of landscape and seascape for as long as we’ve had eyes. But the town is more than the seafarers, scientists and summer-timers you might expect. Creative and talented folks of every description love this place. That’s why our tiny village offers so much to enjoy: an aquarium, science centers for kids of all ages, art galleries, libraries, restaurants, parks, an ocean-side bike path, a golf course, tennis courts, a film festival, musical events, theatrical productions — all this to add to our harbors and beaches and lighthouses and more beaches!

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Welcome to Woods Hole