The Woods Hole Inn Photo Gallery

The Mystique of The Cape

Woods Hole is an inspirational place for a photographer to live, and owner Beth Colt roams the village micro-blogging about day to day life in this picturesque village by the sea. You can see some of her photos here, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for up to the minute photo news. Or book a photo walk package and come see the beauty for yourself. You won’t be the first photographer to find serenity in the Cape light, or inspiration among the sand dunes.

Photos may not be used without permission and are c. Woods Hole Inn LLC.

The Woods Hole Instagram Feed

The story of a humble red chair turned famous icon, began here at the Woods Hole Inn and continues to this day.   This famous chair has traveled all over New England, down the Eastern Seaboard, across the southwest to California and is now headed towards Canada and maybe one day even Alaska!  Learn more about this incredible journey of sharing, community and travel on