Woods Hole Wharf Oven

Welcoming the Woods Hole Wharf

A new restaurant in Woods Hole

We are pleased to welcome the Woods Hole Wharf to the waterfront dining scene. Located in the heart of Woods Hole next to the drawbridge and just a few steps from the Woods Hole Inn, the Wharf is centered around a new brick kiln pizza oven shipped straight from Italy in the midst of the pandemic. Bringing you crispy thin style pizzas all summer long, the Wharf will also wow you with a gorgeous porch overlooking Eel Pond.

Rounding out the menu are fresh lobster rolls, “Catch of the Day” fish sandwiches and other Cape Cod classics.

Perch on this porch and be entertained as the boats enter and exit Eel Pond while you enjoy a freshly made cocktail, draft beer or glass of wine. What could be more Woods Hole than a classic Cape waterfront meal in summertime?

Chef Roscoe (of Landfall fame) is roasting up pizzas, sourcing the fresh fish catch and charming guests with his warm smile. Don’t miss the chilled jumbo shrimp, the whole town is buzzing about their deliciousness.

The space has been renovated not only to include the new pizza oven, charmingly tiled “The Hole” (what we locals call Woods Hole with some regularity, as in, “See you in the Hole?”) but also a new pocket bar with room to sit and enjoy the water in the main dining room.

Kudos to new owners of the Woods Hole Wharf for an innovative new concept! We encourage you to give it a try next time you are visiting The Hole.