There’s an unparalleled delight in basking on a Cape Cod beach on a summer day. Fortunately, there are an array of stunning options just a stone’s throw from our charming bed and breakfast. Whether you’re loading the car with kids and an assortment of sandcastle tools or gliding on a bicycle, Woods Hole presents beaches that cater to your every whim.
Here are four exquisite beaches within a mere two-mile radius of the Inn, each offering its unique charm. For the adventurous at heart, we heartily recommend sampling them all!

Stoney Beach
The beach earns its name from the smooth stones that dot the shoreline, where gentle waves meet the sand. At mid-low tide, the rippled sandbar just beyond the jetties becomes the perfect spot for a game of catch or a refreshing dip to escape the summer heat. Ideal for families, this quaint little beach offers a safe escape for those with young children. A 15-minute walk from the Inn, this little strip of sand attracts a sea of people each day – a local favorite, and for a reason! Lucky for you, our valet service offers complimentary rides and pickups from Stoney in our retro beach buggy, transforming even the briefest excursion into a charming voyage back in time!

Nobska Beach
Nestled beside the picturesque historic Nobska Lighthouse, Nobska Beach offers beachgoers breathtaking views of Martha’s Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands stretching off the coast of Woods Hole. Less sheltered than its village counterpart, Nobska enjoys a gentle southwesterly breeze from the Vineyard Sound that provides a refreshing coolness. As one of Cape Cod’s most iconic beaches, it’s perfect for families and a favorite among couples and newlyweds seeking a romantic getaway. A short bike ride or a leisurely 20-minute stroll will lead you there – and you won’t want to leave once you arrive! Complimentary rides are also provided for those who choose this as their beach of choice!

Surf Drive Beach
Tucked at the end of one of Cape Cod’s most scenic roads, Surf Drive Beach offers a front-row seat to Martha’s Vineyard and even glimpses of Nantucket on especially clear days. Flanked by protective jetties, it’s a haven for young children to splash around in the shallow waters. There’s never a dull moment, as Vineyard Sound is often dotted with sailboats and motorboats. Cyclists can branch off about two miles down the Shining Sea Bikeway and continue another mile along Surf Drive Road to reach this destination. As one of the consistently bustling beaches in the Woods Hole area, Surf Drive Beach is an unbeatable choice on a mild day.

Trunk River Beach
One of the area’s hidden gems, Trunk River Beach offers another unique vantage point of Martha’s Vineyard across Vineyard Sound. Situated 1.8 miles along the scenic Shining Sea Bikeway, Trunk River is a slender ribbon of sand, typically quieter than the nearby Surf Drive Beach. Secluded and quaint, Trunk River offers beachgoers the ideal setting to open a book and let their stress melt away. We recommend biking the Shining Sea Bikeway with one of our complimentary bikes to enjoy the shores of this beach. If you seek a tranquil spot to bask in the sun and indulge in a leisurely nap, Trunk River Beach is your idyllic escape.

Explore the rest of the Cape

We added some additional favorites just in case you would like to explore the rest of the Cape Cod shores.

Martha’s Vineyard Beaches Do you have Martha’s Vineyard on your vacation itinerary? If you find yourself in this boat, allow us to steer you toward our top choice among the island’s exquisite beaches—but don’t hesitate to ask for further advice so we can tailor our recommendation to your preferences!

Aquinnah Public Beach (Moshup Beach) Perched at the island’s westernmost tip, the dunes of Moshup Beach embrace the waves of the North Atlantic like a perfect yin and yang. Though the beach spans less than half a mile, you’re welcome to stroll along the shoreline for about a mile—just be mindful of protected areas, as the community cherishes its animal habitats and fragile terrains. After departing the ferry from the mainland, getting here is a bit of an odyssey, so be prepared for traffic if you are traveling during peak season. Nevertheless – it’s a pilgrimage worth making. If you seek to escape truly, go to Moshup Beach and revel in the liberating sea breeze!

Lower Cape Cod Beaches For our guests eager to explore the lower Cape, a plethora of beach choices await, depending on how far you wish to venture. The shores adorning the sands of the Lower or Outer Cape tend to offer cooler waters compared to those near our Inn—but in the scorching summer heat, even a refreshing dip feels divine! With a myriad of options at your disposal, our top recommendation is echoed by many others, and we invite you to join their ranks following your own coastal exploration.

The Beachcomber
Hailed as one of the most iconic Cape Cod beaches, The Beachcomber in Wellfleet is a magnet for vacationers from all corners of the Cape. Perched near the famed Beachcomber restaurant, the beach itself lies far below the parking lot, requiring a sandy descent down the dunes to reach its sprawling expanse. This vast beach, both in length and width, is a surfer’s paradise—provided you don’t mind the frequent shark sightings. Swimmers tend to linger in the shallows, steering clear of both waves and fins. Located about an hour and a half from the Inn, this beach is the perfect destination for those craving a full day of seaside adventure! As always, please don’t hesitate to seek further guidance from our wonderful staff so we can collaborate in finding the ideal beach tailored just for you.

Featured Guest Writer: Giovanni Borgese