Woods Hole Snow News

On Tuesday, January 13th at around 9 am, Woods Hole welcomed its first official New England Nor’Easter of the season. High winds blew through Wood Hole leaving behind a whopping 8 inches.

Driving visibility was reduced throughout the day.

Wind speeds got up to 40 miles per hour. Fortunately, there was no power loss

Throughout the day, plow trucks braved the storm and cleared the roads for the commuters.

Clear roads gave way for the kids’ first big “Snow Day” of the season. They eagerly dragged their snow sleds to the nearby golf course, to enjoy the snow-covered hills.

By Wednesday morning, the sun rose bright in Woods Hole over Eel Pond. Temperatures were rather cold allowing us to enjoy the snowy white views a bit longer.

During the chilly morning stroll, we stumbled on a “smirky snowman” left behind by the Woods Hole kids.

While each town around Cape Cod competed for the largest snowfall inches, we were grateful for this big taste of winter here in Falmouth.  Pack your camera and join us to capture the snowy winter weather while it lasts. Consider us for one of your places to stay in Falmouth or a place to stay in Woods Hole. We have warm cozy rooms at the Woods Hole Inn waiting for your next visit!