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We honor our Teachers and Healthcare Workers

As we count the days until all are vaccinated, we wanted to take a moment to thank those who have put themselves on the line this year. We looked to the wallpaper in our front hall and realized that in 1954, the year Jonas Salke broke through with the life-altering polio vaccine, a night at the Woods Hole Inn was just $4.50.

So, in a moment of vaccine excitement, we offered our teachers and healthcare workers a night in our renovated Victorian property at this historic rate. How gratifying that scores took us up on this offer and we were able to give back over $7,000 to thank those who have held us up these many, many months of the pandemic.

Our front desk remains masked and carefully contactless, but that did not stop us from hearing the following from our honored guests:

When I saw the deal I jumped on it! We were ready for a night away and a change of scenery. I am a nurse at MGH and have been working straight through the pandemic which has been a bit exhausting with the ever-changing guidelines and risk/benefit analyses.
We took some nice walks in Woods Hole Village and on the Shining Sea Path early Sunday morning which was lovely. Would love to return in the near future with our bikes.
Thanks again for your thoughtful hospitality! – Donna, Nurse at MGH

We were thrilled to be able to have a weekend getaway. Even though we live quite close, neither of us had ever been to Woods Hole, so we got to discover a new place into the bargain. We took a twilight walk to Quissett Harbor (see pic above), ate dinner at Anejo — outside in 29 degrees! But only our hands were cold, and did a daylight walk through the Salt Pond Bird Sanctuary on Sunday.” –Brett, Teacher in Providence

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“We had a fabulous stay at Woods Hole Inn as always. We have been coming to Woods Hole Inn every year since the year we started dating in 2015. It has officially become “our spot.” Most years we go to the Vineyard as well, but we decided it was definitely worth it to come this year even without the trip to the Vineyard. Needless to say, we were thrilled when we heard about the COVID health care workers’ special. What an exceptionally generous and thoughtful (and quite clever) way to make people feel appreciated! In addition to being a healthcare worker, I was pregnant for the early days of the pandemic and had the good fortune of being able to continue the vast majority of my patient care via telemedicine during COVID. After I had my baby and have returned to in-person care I have felt safe and supported by my workplace and the rest of the staff but am reminded every day of how much COVID has changed our practices and the lives of our patients.
THANK YOU to the Woods Hole Inn for honoring our efforts and for being such a blissful place to get away to. We plan to keep coming for many years to come and hope that next year brings a more normal experience for all of us.” – Elise, Healthcare worker

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“We were thrilled when we discovered the deal for a $4.50 stay at the Woods Hole Inn. Once I found out about it I immediately reached out to my friend Danielle. We are both 7th-grade teachers, in Somerville and Boston, and we’re so excited to take a break from zoom teaching and head to Cape Cod for my girlfriend Becca’s birthday (who also works in human services as a Social Work graduate student). Supporting students and families through the pandemic has been challenging; it is hard to gauge their learning and social-emotional needs through a computer screen. Our trip to Woods Hole was the perfect mini getaway, complete with Anejo takeout, a walk around the neighborhood, breakfast from Coffee Obsession, and exploring the beaches of Sandwich.” – Emma, Danielle & Rebecca, Teachers

Inspired stories from some of our favorite folks.  Thanks to all of you who came, and especially those who shared their tales of a winter visit to Woods Hole.

Don’t miss our ongoing offer to all healthcare workers and teachers — a special thank you to you and a 10% discount (plus a bottle of Prosecco to welcome you on arrival) on your booking of two nights or more this spring (good while supplies last on visits before Memorial Day).  

Learn more about our ongoing Covid Protocols here.