Romance Cape Cod

Ride the Carousel of Light in Falmouth MA Cape Cod

Three miles up the road from us in Falmouth, summer people and locals are flocking to a new attraction — the Carousel of Light.  The brain child of artist and sculptor Lance Shinkle, this extraordinary wooden carousel is fun for young and old.  Each horse was hand carved by Shinkle, and the exterior of the carousel is painted with scenes of summer fun right here in Falmouth MA Cape Cod.

Resurrected this summer from twenty years of storage in Shinkle’s garage, the Carousel of Light is once again open and running until late August.  The Carousel is located in the parking lot in front of the Mullen Hall School on Katherine Lee Bates Road, just a half block off charming Main Street Falmouth MA.

Looking for the perfect romantic fun on Cape Cod?  I suggest walking Main Street to check out the shops and restaurants.  Stop into any one of the great bakeries, coffee shops or ice cream parlors for a special treat (I am partial to lobster ice cream at Ben and Bill’s ice cream or a pain au chocolate from the authentic french bakery Maison Villatte), then stroll past the library to the carousel.

Three dollars a ride gets you up and circling the parking lot on your trusty steed.  You will be amazed by the detail of these carved, painted horses as they serenade a clever mermaid with flowing hair to the tinkling sound of old Cape Cod themed songs.  With the southwesterly breeze blowing and big white puffy clouds floating overhead, you might experience a sort of Cape Cod Nirvana — peace, tranquility and carousel happiness all melded into one.

Try it!  The Carousel of Light is located in Falmouth MA.  Woods Hole is a village of the town of Falmouth MA Cape Cod, located at its’ southwestern most tip.  The Woods Hole Inn is a great jumping off point for all of Falmouth, Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod.