First Winter Storm of 2017

January 9, 2017

Winter Storm photos

Everybody loves a Cape Cod winter storm, especially when it arrives on a Saturday. The storm season began in style this weekend as “Helena” rolled over, dumping at least a foot of crunchy, white snow.

Woods Hole yellow boat in snow

As the Nor’Easter started, we spied a row boat drifting around Eel Pond, a paddle here, another paddle there, the rower just watching at the world.  Mesmerizing, peaceful and brave.

hot tea in a cold storm

There was no street noise, the hush of drifts against the front door as we shared a hot cup of black tea with milk and sugar in the warmth of the house.  Our fingers were crossed that the power might remain on (it did!) but we were ready either way with flashlights and generator.

Woods Hole Inn in the snow

In the morning, we woke early to dig out. The north-easterly storm wind cleared out the driveway but packed drifts up against the front steps of the Woods Hole Inn.  Everything looked different with the frosting of ice — like a whole new world to appreciate.

Water Street after snow storm Cape Cod

Looking up Water Street from the drawbridge, the world glinting in the morning light, streets still snowy from the overnight cold.

Winer Storm photos Cape Cod

Over by Shuckers Raw Bar, we marveled at hulking, mysterious forms hidden under mounds of snow.

Yellow boat in icy water Cape Cod

Near the Marine Biological Lab parking lot, several skiffs bobbed in the water, now rendered into floating tubs of sculpted ice. On School Street, the Children’s School of Science was lit as if for a movie moment.

Woods Hole School in the snow

It was a wonderful day to walk around the village of Woods Hole just after the first Cape Cod storm of winter 2017.  If you enjoy our photo essays, please consider following us on Facebook where we post regularly to keep you up to date on life at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast.  @WoodsHoleInn


  1. Deborah Flynn

    Beautiful pics, can;t wait to return for another stay.

    1. Beth Colt

      Thanks Deborah — we cant wait to see you! cheers, Beth

  2. Pamela Nikolett Varga Rizzoli

    Woods Hole is indeed a beautiful sight to behold during the cold, blistering winters of Cape Cod!
    There is something special about the winter in Cape Cod, as the pictures here so well depict…. the beauty, peace and serenity that one finds when visiting Woods Hole in winter.

    1. Beth Colt

      Thanks Pamela! See you soon I hope. best, Beth

  3. Scotty Stumoen

    Wonderful pictures Beth -as usual
    Many thanks from a WoodsHoler now living in Norway

    1. Beth Colt

      You have a penchant for beautiful places! Thanks for your comments Scotty. We hope to see you in Woods Hole again one day. cheers, Beth

  4. Jane de Vries

    I was brought up in Wellesley, Mass. Sure miss quaint New England but you can have the blizzards! So homesick for the ocean tho. Almost through with the book “The Big House” and I LOVE it! Recommended it to a cousin who lost his family home to the Cape Cod National Seashore! At least you still have the house!

    1. Beth Colt

      Hi Jane — I grew up in Milton so we were neighbors. I adore the ocean in a winter storm. So glad you are liking “The Big House” — it’s a great book to which many who love Cape Cod can relate. Hope to see you one day in Woods Hole. best, Beth

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