Spring is Around the Corner

March 18, 2011

Spring is coming to Woods Hole

I know it’s getting warmer because I have forgotten to put my slippers on three mornings in a row.  Now, when it’s really cold outside, my kitchen floor feels like ice and there is just no way that I can “forget” the slippers that wait under the radiator for me with their soft lambswool lining.  I went out yesterday with no scarf or hat.  And the time change means its light until well after 6 pm.  So, it’s coming, my dear friend called spring.  Maybe not here yet, but soon.

Yesterday was gorgeous, sunny calm no wind, and all of a sudden the streets of Woods Hole came alive with people.  St. Patricks Day green was observed on many, and the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Black Dog was packed with business owners and new friends.

I took another photo walk this week, and here are my spring-is-around-the-corner photos:

Secret beach, with public access looks gorgeous even on a chilly day.

Witch Hazel (NOT Forsythia as originally stated) starting to bloom near the pond. This morning there was a tiny frost but it has recovered.


  1. Gail

    the photos are beautiful…I wish I had been there instead of being inside all day…I look forward to another sojourn to WH in the spring.

    1. ME too! I am editing this piece today as one of my wonderful new neighbors informed me the flowering bush in my yard is Witch Hazel not Forsythia. Oops! Newbie mistake. It looked yellow and bushy just like what I recall Forsythia looked like but I have been in California for 20 years now so my memory of such things is a bit fuzzy.

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