Snow Photos 2015 from Woods Hole, Cape Cod

February 28, 2015

view of Stoney Beach winter 2015 with open water and hashtag snowThis winter brought more snow than usual with the month of February racking up over 100 inches in Boston, breaking snowfall records all over the region.  Our snow photos always intrigue summer visitors who only see Cape Cod at 80 degrees.  It’s hard to imagine Coast Guard ice cutters crisscrossing the Hole, intrepid explorers out seventy five feet on Buzzards Bay, MBL scientists enjoying pick-up hockey on Eel Pond, ferries dodging ice cakes clogging the Passage, massive navigational buoys drifting like toy boats.

My quest for snow photos typically involves rushing out the minute it starts, as the snow always seems to melt within a few minutes.  Not so much for snow photos 2015.  We have been covered in a decent blanket since the first blizzard hit in late January.  Since then, I have lost count of how many more days it snowed, although I remember Valentine’s Day — soft quiet accumulation all night with a dramatic blizzard slamming like a hangover in the morning.  These winter storms had romantic names like Neptune and Juno, Greek reminders of god-like forces greater than us.

In addition to the relentless snow fall, cold air blasted us for most of the month.  We now have significant sea ice formed all along our shores rendering the landscape at water’s edge into something otherworldly, arctic.  If you have not seen satellite photos of this phenomena, check this out, as it appears to be frozen at least half way across Buzzards Bay.

To keep the harbor open, the US Coast Guard sent ice cutters to maintain the ferry system connecting us to Martha’s Vineyard.  Out on Nantucket, a local photographer captured slushy waves that made the New York Times, while here in Woods Hole we watched, mesmerized, as the ice floes and some of the buoys moved through the currents of the Woods Hole passage.

When the Eel Pond froze over earlier this week, the first intrepid explorers were scientists from our local labs in special suits designed to prevent drowning.  But once it was proven solid, lots of Woods Hole lemmings (including me) rushed out to experience the feeling of walking and skating in the middle of the village.

I particularly love this birds-eye-view film shot by my neighbor Brian Switzer (a wonderful director and inspired teacher in our local public schools) of Woods Hole in these extraordinary conditions.  I think you will enjoy it, and perhaps the snow photos 2015 in my photo essay that follows.  For daily photos, check out my Facebook page #WoodsHoleColors.

MBL Street engulfed in snow during blizzard Woods Hole 2015snow in Woods Hole on Cape Cod winter 2015thermometer outside in Woods Hole porch showing zero degreesEntrance to Eel Pondin Woods Hole filled with icesnow photos Cape Cod 2015Cape Cod snow photos 2015snow photos 2015 hungry ducks in Woods Hole on Cape Codsnow photos 2015 Cape Codsnow photos 2015


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    I love every chance I can get to see photos of WH. I was born there….lived on Nonamessett for 20 summers….my favorite place in the world! Now I’m a landlubber in Upstate NY which has it’s own beauty…..but no salters!! Thanks for the wonderful photos!

    1. Beth Colt

      Thanks so much Janet — Woods Hole is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I can imagine after 20 years here that it would really worm it’s way into my heart too:) Come stay with us someday and see how it has changed. We get lots of visitors at the Inn who came even once or twice as a child coming back to revisit a place they loved. Sending my best from the arctic…ergh, Woods Hole. –Beth

  2. John Dowling

    Wonderful pictures, Brian! Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Beth Colt

      Hi John – Thanks for your comments. Hope to see you soon in Woods Hole. best — Beth

      PS – Brian Switzer the videographer is reachable via his facebook page @brianswitzer

  3. Nadine

    Amazing as the photos are, they are only a taste of what it’s like to be here during this legendary winter! Every place I look takes my breath away- at least the breath that’s left from the arctic air temp. Come visit!

    1. Beth Colt

      Thanks Nadine! Nice to chat here. xo Beth

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