Saved A Life Yesterday

November 7, 2015

We work really hard to keep it fun behind the scenes at the Woods Hole Inn, enjoying each others company, sharing a laugh or two, supporting each other to make sure we deliver the best possible guest experience.  But yesterday, teamwork moved to a whole new level.

Kaylee saved Dan’s life.  Literally.

handyman at the Woods Hole InnAt the Woods Hole Inn, Dan Doughty does a little bit of everything.  If the sidewalk needs shoveling after a big snow, if a room could use a new coat of paint, if a door handle breaks, if an air conditioner starts to rattle — Dan gets things back in order, stat.  In an old building like ours, there is always something for Dan, and we are forever grateful for his expertise and good spirit keeping us ship shape.

Kayle Costa works at the front desk, checking guests in, making reservations and answering all your questions.  She is warm, knowledgeable and wonderfully competent.  We are so lucky that our small business continues to attract star players like Kaylee.

So what happened??  OK, yesterday Dan and Kaylee were alone at the inn.  Kaylee told Dan to take a candy from the Halloween jar, joking that she did not want to eat the bowl herself.  Dan chose a Three Musketeers Bar and as the warm sugary chocolate started to melt, it slipped down his throat in an odd way.  He laughed, everything was fine, it was just a small one, a mini bar.  But the chocolate only seemed to lodge further.  Now he started to cough.  “You OK?” said Kaylee.  He spit what remained out, but he could not clear his airway, wheezing, gasping, no air coming in or out.  “Oh my God,” said Kaylee, seeing his eyes start to bulge. “Do you need the Heimlich?”  Yes, he nodded, yes, NOW.

Kaylee at the front desk of the innSeveral frantic attempts ensued before the chocolate popped out like a cork.  It turns out in addition to Kaylee’s other great qualities, she took CPR rescue in high school. Wow, thank goodness she was there as the world is definitely a better place with Dan still in it.

We back each other up, everyday, 24/7.  Most days that means sharing hot water for tea, covering someone’s shift, grabbing a broom when housekeeping is short staffed, or a shovel when the snow falls too fast, or the phone when it rings off the hook.  In a pinch, we all pitch in.

Yesterday, Kaylee went a giant step beyond that level of team work and saved a life.  WOW!  Thank you, Kaylee.  I know Dan thanks you, but we all do, as you exemplify calm in the storm and great team work.

We are so lucky to work together.



  1. Beth Russell

    Life is precious and we all need to be there for each other! Way to go Kaylee!!

    1. Beth Colt

      Thanks Beth. Nice to hear from you!

  2. Mary

    Kaylee is my great niece and this story shows exactly the type of person she is. Proud to be her aunt and thank you for sharing this story!

    1. Beth Colt

      I am proud of her too! Very brave of her. She is a gem. –Beth

  3. Reply

    So glad this event had a happy ending!
    You Beth Colt pick the right staff to make your place such a success and they take your leadership and run with it. You are lucky you have both these people and so glad they were there for each other!

    1. Beth Colt

      Thanks Pat! So lucky to work with wonderful people. It really is a great blessing.

  4. Peter Bronson

    You all make up such a great team. Great awareness Kaylee. Who would think a mini chocolate bar…

  5. Reply

    Kaylee is my niece and she is a super special person!! I doesn’t surprise me she saved a life!!!

    God Bless you Dan! Kudos Kaylee

  6. Rachel

    Very proud of you Kaylee!!! Lots of love from your Vermont family.

  7. Reply

    Kaylee is my great niece, too! We’re all so proud of her! A wonderful story and a wonderful young lady! Way to go, Kaylee!!

  8. mary kassel

    That is great. Just never know we hen these things can happen. Thank God Kaylee was there. Stayed at Woods Hole Inn in July, love it there, did sense the great sincere & caring attitude from the staff. Can’t wait to come back#

  9. Jonathan Meath

    Fast thinking Kaylee!

    Stories like this lift one’s spirit. It is good for all of us to share our victories, big and small. Life is full of victories and heroes.

    Thank you Beth, for sharing this positive story. Hooray for all of you, your team, your victories and positive contributions. Bravo to The Woods Hole Inn.

  10. Cynthia

    Thank You Kaylee this is Dan’s motherthank you thank you thank you

    1. Beth Colt

      Thank you for DAN! We love him, maybe not quite as much as you do but….almost:)

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