Holidays Are Here!

December 7, 2010

The holidays are here and we celebrated today with an open house!  Sara and Steph cooked all yesterday, making little phylo dough pastries piped with fresh apple, smoked salmon with red onion capers and dill on little pumpernickel toasts, mini turkey tea sandwiches with real stuffing and cranberry sauce and my favorite, fresh jumbo shrimp perfectly steamed with lemon and bay leaf for dipping into two delectable sauces.

We were joined by friends of the Chamber of Commerce, many of the local B&B owners, all the local Woods Hole business people as well as new friends and neighbors.  Our tree is huge and gorgeous this year — ready for our guests to enjoy through the holidays.

Our 2010 Christmas tree at the Woods Hole Inn.

There were lovely little desserts like petit fours and peanut butter kiss cookies, and our guests seemed to have fun mingling, listening to Christmas Carols and even swigging some egg nog at noon.

Turkey Tea Sandwiches were a hit at the party.

Peanut butter with dark chocolate Hersey kisses…yum!

And here are some of the nice people who joined us.  It really was a great time and I hope you will join us when we do it again next year!

Jay Zavala, Falmouth Chamber of Commerce and Judy Laster, Woods Hole Film Festival director enjoyed the repast.

Trish and Kevin Robinson of the Captains Manor Inn.