Cape Cod Blizzard in Woods Hole

January 3, 2014

Woods Hole Inn cosy and warm in blizzardThe first storm of 2014 hit fast and furious in the middle of last night, blizzard conditions with gusts rumored to be up to 50 mph from the northwest.  Storm watchers called it “Hercules” — Really?

I love a good snow day, and this one started early with a phone call from Charlene (our breakfast chef) letting me know there was no way she was going to be able to drive in due to the blizzard.  I considered driving myself, but one look at the snow mound that covered my car  I  decided it would be easier to walk.  In daybreak’s grey light, I trudged thru the swirling snow to the Woods Hole Inn, stopping several times to attempt to capture the look of this gorgeous Cape Cod blizzard (see photos below or more on my Facebook page).

Inside, the Inn felt remarkably cozy and warm.  I quickly dug out the front steps and fired up the first pot of hot coffee for our sleeping guests.  The New York Times delivery guy handed me the paper as I was shoveling.  Thanks, I said — Appreciated!

Something about the smell of hot coffee and guests started trickling out of their rooms, happy winter vacationers enjoying a respite from everyday life with a visit to wintery Cape Cod.  I produced our usual breakfast spread — fresh cut fruit, Greek yoghurt, house made granola, cinnamon rolls, sausage quiche and slices of Charlene’s spiced cranberry pumpkin loaf.  I think they enjoyed experiencing the Cape Cod blizzard in their slippers with a great meal to start the day.

While guests watched the snow swirling from the warm breakfast room, I headed back for more shoveling.  The drifts were incredible, and with the wind still roaring it was possible to toss each shovelful into the wind and watch the snow burst away.  I managed to get the driveway and sidewalk cleared by about 9 am, although it was still snowing and I was sure it would need another pass.

Back into the house to begin the cleaning for the day, clearing up breakfast, washing the floors of the salt and sand that follows everyone inside in winter.  Cape Cod blizzards are fun for guests, but lots of extra work for innkeepers. For me, finding pleasure in the small things that fill each day is the secret to happiness.  That and taking pictures to share with you all.

Here are some photos of the rest of this glorious day.  If you enjoy this blog, please consider sharing the link with friends.  And thanks so much for all your support — we are deeply grateful to all our friends and customers for their help spreading the word about beautiful Woods Hole.

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  1. Elise

    Gorgeous photos, Beth! I was going to say “that last one especially” but then I looked back at the others and couldn’t put them in second class…

    1. Beth Colt

      Thanks so much Elise — look forward to seeing you soon! xo Beth

  2. Reply

    Great pictures Beth! I remember shoveling out the Coffee O sidewalk and steps and the treacherous ice water puddles that would form around the curb! Stay warm 🙂

    1. Beth Colt

      Ruth —

      You are so missed here! I hope life down South is going well for you, but Woods Hole will never be quite the same:)

      Sending my best –


  3. Charme Sedunary

    Enjoy your blogs very much & still think fondly of our time spent at Woods Hole, it was a highlight of our trip to USA along with Santa Fe. Must come back in winter, it look wonderful.

    Charme Sedunary
    stayed October 2012

    1. Beth Colt

      Hi Charme — So nice to hear from you! I am so glad that Woods Hole made an impact — all the way from Australia! Another beautiful place we should all visit. Sending my best — Beth

  4. Mark and Jen

    What a delight to see Cape Cod in the snow. We wish we were there, and we are looking forward to our next visit!

    1. Beth Colt

      Great to hear from you here! Cape Cod is indeed lovely in snow. Hope to see you soon. xo Beth

  5. Gail Acosta

    Hi, Beth and Family~
    Thanks for the reminder that it really IS winter out there…
    we live in a dream here in SoCal!!
    Miss you all!

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