Breakfast at the Woods Hole Inn, featuring Rachel Ray

August 31, 2014

Rachel Ray Romantic Meal for Two

When Rachel Ray calls, you answer, right? Last week, we heard she was looking for special romantic breakfast recipes, and what’s more romantic than breakfast for two at the Woods Hole Inn?

Woods Hole Inn

So, close your eyes and imagine a perfect parfait of fresh cut berries, layered with thick greek yogurt, and house-made granola, the fragrance of savory bread pudding wafting from miniature cast iron pans, and a warm muffin dusted lightly with powdered sugar.  How about the steam off a hot cup of coffee, served in a thick pottery mug that rests softly in the heart of your hand?  Plus the smell of salt air fresh off the harbor?  Hmm, now that sounds nice.




Romantic Meal for Two, Woods Hole Inn, Rachel Ray

Open your eyes and look out over Woods Hole Harbor with ferryboats bustling and cumulous clouds floating over distant islands. Spend a moment dreaming about your perfect Cape Cod vacation day — sleeping late in your comfortable bed, walk to the beach, take a long swim, stroll along the harbor, savor a lobster dinner, sip a nightcap with your feet in the Atlantic.   Cape Cod vacation perfected.





Rachel Ray Romantic Meal for two

But how should we relate all this back to Rachel Ray? Enter Charlene, our world class breakfast chef.  Her vegan “Tomato Soup” muffins are notorious up and down the East Coast, and we felt confident that Rachel Ray would be suitably impressed by her perfect breakfast spread.


Breakfast at the Woods Hole Inn – always a work of art.


  1. Anne Castile

    as I read this blog today, I was holding my black pottery Woods Hole Inn mug full of coffee and daydreaming of another quick trip before the snow flies. The description of breakfast made my mouth water as I was remembering the delightful filling breakfasts we enjoyed in June. Yummo as Rachael Ray would say. I am going to make Charlene’s Tomato soup Cake If it’s half as good as her delicious treats that I’ve sampled before, well I’ll be in heaven.
    Happy End of summer and Fall to you all.

    1. Beth Colt

      Happy End of Summer to you too Anne! We look forward to seeing you soon:) –Beth

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