A Walk in Beebe Woods

February 12, 2012

Walking the Cape Cod woods in winter is a special treat, especially after a light dusting of snow. The jewel in Falmouth’s crown of conservation land is a 300+ acre property called Beebe Woods, which astounds the visitor with ponds, paths, ridges, hidden stone walls and wildlife.  I wandered there for several hours yesterday, seeing few other people and enjoying the way the new snow makes the woods come alive with color.

Despite the low cloud cover, everything was aglow — the rusty colored pine needles lining the paths, dark roots growing over lichen covered rocks, sand pocked with footprints from deer and coyotes, slippery patches of swamp-mud and the flat black surface of the icy ponds.  We spent two hours exploring and never crossed our own path — from Ter Heune Drive (near the hospital) clear across to Peterson Farm with its wide open meadows, from a high ridge path fit for mountain goats to the edge of Ice House pond near Sippewissett Road and the perimeter of the Punch Bowl, another incredible kettle hole pond.

This refuge, a sanctuary in the Walden Pond vernacular, is an incredible asset to the town of Falmouth and it’s many visitors.  Here, you can visit the high church of nature and commune on your own with a spirituality that soars through the high tree cover like a red-tailed hawk hunting voles (which you may well see on your journey).  Moving though this landscape in silence — listening to the crunch of boots on thin snow, scanning the hilltops for deer or fox — erases your everyday woes, De-fragging the hard-drive of your barnacle-crusted brain.

Tracing the old stone walls, green with lichen and frosted with snow, made me think of the early settlers who spent decades hand-digging rocks from the sandy soil and marking the boundaries of their primitive homesteads.  How must they have felt, looking at these hard-earned walls?

Here are a few things I saw along the way:

Peterson Farm, birdhouse, winter

Bird houses covered with lichen…

Lichen covered stone wall in snow, New England.

Old stone walls nestled between decades of un-raked leaves and fallen limbs…

walking on Cape Cod in winter

Sandy soil paths, roots exposed when worn by thousands of walking visitors like me…

Falmouth Mass, walking in winter, snow

The icy black water of the Punch Bowl… no swimming today.

For a map and more information about this astounding resource, read more about the 300 Committee here.  Without the vision and generosity of a few local leaders, this land would have been developed into cul-de-sacs with matching mailboxes and over 500 cookie-cutter homes.   Forever insuring that this land is available for wildlife and the appreciation of nature, the 300 Committee is to be commended for all their efforts — my appreciative donation is in the mail.  And I encourage all visitors to the Woods Hole Inn to explore this unique spot in any season.   Ask us for the map at the front desk.


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    Hi Beth,
    I discovered your blog yesterday morning and spent several hours reading it, all the way back to the first post. I want to tell you how much I enjoy your writing, your photos, but most of all, your enthusiasm and affection for Woods Hole. I’m living in the village until July because my husband is on sabbatical. I’m in love with this place and I share so many of your impressions and feelings. Thanks for your beautiful writing and I look forward to more! Aren’t we lucky?!!!
    Marian Colman

    1. Hi Marian – Nice to meet you here! Maybe we could have coffee one day at Coffee O? Amazing to me that people find this blog then read all of it! I have the enthusiasm and fresh eyes of a convert, and am so happy to be here in Woods Hole. Anyone who loves it as I do is a friend of mine:) I look forward to meeting you. all my best — Beth

      1. I would love to have coffee sometime Beth. It would be fun to meet you! I’m not working while I’m here so I’m pretty flexible with days and time. I could work around your schedule. Let me know, at your convenience, what works for you.-Marian

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    Stunning photo especially at the top of the column! Followed your link from Wee Folk 🙂

    1. I love “Wee Folk”!! Sally is my neighbor, and I adore her work. Welcome to Woods Hole ! Thanks for checking out my blog.

      1. How delightful to run an inn and have such a lovely neighbor 🙂

        1. Yes… the best. Come visit someday!

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