Red Chair in Snow

December 30th, 2012 by Beth Colt

Red Chair TravelsSnow is rare in Woods Hole.  The confluence of Gulf Stream waters that surround us keep it warmer here than other places.  Last winter it snowed only once!

And so it is special indeed to wake up to a frosting like the one inch we received last night.  Add that our Red Chair is back after months and months traveling all over New England and yes, you guessed it, despite my winter cold I threw on boots, wool hat and finger mittens this morning to catch the (already melting!) snow in bright light.

The wind was howling so hard out on Stoney Beach that it knocked the chair right over, more than once.  And crunch crunch crunching over the hoary ice on the golf course made me nervous that I might slip down one of those slick hills like the kids I heard squealing with delight on sleds.  My nose was running and my cheeks starting to match the chair when I finally stumbled back home to the Inn.  But without further adieu, here is my photo essay of Woods Hole in winter with my friend, the Red Chair….


Pie in the Sky



Red Chair on Eel Pond


















Red Chair in Woods Hole Winter 2012


View of Woods Hole Inn from Crowell House WHOI

4 thoughts on “Red Chair in Snow

  1. Cheryl Hanington


    Have thoroughly enjoyed the escapades of the “Traveling Red Chair.” Loved the new photos; so much fun to see it in familiar places. My husband and I had a lovely time when we stayed with you last November – the Woods Hole Inn is a gem.

    Warm regards,

    1. Woods Hole Inn

      Thanks so much Cheryl! Hope to see you again soon. my best — Beth

  2. Paul Drescher

    Sara, what a wonderful photo essay! Hope your sniffles clear up soon!

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