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Free Parking

Free parking included in stay at the Woods Hole Inn.

Weddings at the Woods Hole Inn

Weddings in Woods Hole are romantic, intimate affairs.

Not Your Granny’s B & B

At the Woods Hole Inn, we maintain what we call a “doily free zone.” You know those musty old Victorians filled with the stuff you see at the flea market and wonder who buys? The little pink teacups and the figurines and the old cigar boxes filled with rubber band collections.  Yeah, I hate all […]

Life by the Sea

View from Woods Hole Inn.

Keeping it Green

Living green — how do we do it?

Memento Vivere

Memento Vivere…Remember to Live. “Memento Vivere” was tattooed on the arm of a friend who died unexpectedly last month.  Like he was trying to send a posthumous message to the rest of us… And so it was I embraced the carpe diem of it all and wandered off the beaten path this week in Woods […]

Full Moon Tonight

Woods Hole is for lovers. Screw Virginia:)

Simpsons writers flock to Woods Hole

Simpsons writers come to Woods Hole for R & R.

Woods Hole = Harvard Square of Cape Cod

So, I guess I am not the only one who thinks the academic buildings of Woods Hole make the whole place feel a little like Cambridge on Cape Cod. And frankly, since I often refer to Cambridge as “utopia,” when you mix utopia with great beaches and the positive ions of the ocean air, I […]

Nobska Beach

Swimming in warm water saves souls.

Why Celebs Love Woods Hole

Steve Carell comes to Woods Hole and eats a lobster taco at the Quicks Hole restaurant.

Fourth of July

It’s hot on Fourth of July, but the iced tea and lobster tacos make it better.

Lobster Tacos

Lobster Tacos are a sublime idea. Cold succulent lobster lightly dressed. Fresh cut red cabbage, a touch of lime on a hot corn taco?? Incredible. New to Woods Hole this summer, the lobster taco is an inspired fusion of traditional Cape Cod with a dash of innovation from the surf shacks of Baha California. Don’t […]


WHOOSH your way around town on this unique old-school trolley.

If you miss the boat, don’t Miss The Boat…

When you miss the boat, don’t MISS the BOAT.

Tally Forbes show at Quick’s Hole

Watercolors feed the soul in Woods Hole, Mass.

Woods Hole Inn recommended by the Boston Globe

WOODS HOLE – by Patricia Borns for the BOSTON GLOBE To understand this village in Falmouth, you have to think beyond the parking lots overflowing with ferry passengers bound for Martha’s Vineyard. Park at the Falmouth Mall, hop the WHOOSH trolley, and you can spend a day on beaches laced with salt ponds and pink […]

Lobster Tacos rock Woods Hole

Live Love Laugh Eat Local.

The Landfall

Life is short without the Landfall.