Falmouth Town Band Concerts

July 28, 2016 by Beth Colt

Every Thursday evening at the Music and Arts Pavilion, Marina Park, next to Falmouth Harbor; all concerts are free of charge and open to the general public. Bring your chair or blanket for your comfort and enjoyment.

Vineyard Cup Regatta

July 8, 2016 by Beth Colt

Sail Martha’s Vineyard is expecting over 100 sailboats of all descriptions, designs and ages from schooners to catboats to modern design racers. Based out of Vineyard Haven harbor on Martha’s Vineyard Island, the race courses have been designed to both test the skills of the skippers and crews and to provide great shore-side viewing of boats on the racecourse from a variety of Island perspectives from the East an West Chop Lighthouses to Eastville Beach to State Beach between Edgartown and Oak Bluffs to the beach at the entrance of Lake Tashmoo.

6th Annual Falmouth the Hyannis Regatta

May 27, 2016 by Beth Colt

6th annual Falmouth to Hyannis Race which begins from in front of the Falmouth Yacht Club. Falmouth is an excellent place to stop for the night if you are heading east to participate in another racing event. The Race to Hyannis offers the opportunity to tune your boat and practice your boat handling before competing in another event. Registration information is contained in the Notice of Race, which can be found at link below. Come enjoy the company of your fellow sailors the evening before at the Falmouth Yacht Club bar and breakfast on race day morning.

Island Queen Sunset Benefit Cruise

September 17, 2015 by Beth Colt

Island Queen Sunset Cruise to benefit the Society of St. Vincent de Paul St. Anthony’s Parish, East Falmouth

Thursday September 17

Rain date: Monday, September 21st from 5:30-7:30

Adults $25

Seniors $20

Complimentary Light Supper Buffet

Silent Auction, Basket Raffles, 50/50 Raffle

Free Parking at 5pm – Island Queen Pier Parking Lot

Tickets 508-457-0085

Miniature Tugboats

September 28, 2011 by Beth Colt

Late September is often cool and crisp, punctuated by the smell of woodsmoke as people start using their fireplaces to take the chill off rather than fire up the gas-burning boiler.   Grass mowing ends as the cool air ends the growing season and the tomato crop withers on the vine.

Not this year.

It has been hot, like middle-of-summer hot here for a week now.  Research vessels in to prep for peregrinations to southern climes are lingering to enjoy the fine weather.  Even the hard-working scientists are off early to go fishing or ride the bikepath.  I know the locals are into it because I see people sneeking off from work in their bathing suits, and heads bobbing way out in Buzzards Bay on long-distance swims.  In this calm, warm weather, why not?

I got out in my boat over the weekend, trudging across to Great Harbor with my oars, launching my tiny rowboat from the beach on Penzance and rowing out to my slightly bigger boat to go explore the Elizabeth Islands.  I brought a sweatshirt because you never know on the water but, wow, was that unnecessary!  It was so hot I was yearning to jump in by the time I had the engine fired up.

Woods Hole Great Harbor is filled with the most wonderful and eccentric boats.  I love this one, a tiny tug boat all made of well-polished wood from another era.  Not too practical, but adorable.

Clearly, I am a little obsessed with this vessel as I look through my photo-files for other shots of the harbor and find only more of the “Amycita.”  I don’t see her off the mooring often, but I do look forward to meeting her owners. Imagine a cruise over to Oak Bluffs (a great destination on Martha’s Vineyard)  in this stylish vessel!

And this is NOT the only miniature tug in our little harbor.  My friend Kimberly is lucky enough to have this wonderful boat, small as the smallest skiff but ooh, what style.  She was seen leaving work early yesterday madly texting to friends about a sunset tug cruise.  These are the perks of living so close to the water:)

So I guess this is what you would call Indian Summer.  Since my visit to Plimouth Plantation, I may need to re-name that Native People’s Summer.  Whatever you call it, it is something to be relished — summer weather long after is it expected to be gone is like a gift from the Gods (the Wampanoags called him/her “Moshop”).   Something to inspire us and help us prepare for the long winter ahead.

Off to swim!